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Simple request creation, delivery, and tracking.

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Average turnaround of 3 business days from request to receipt.

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Expert assistance at every stage of the request process.

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Our commitment to compliance delivers results.

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We track

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Anyone who has Loss Run Problems!!! Over nearly two decades of practical application, we've identified and solved pain points throughout the loss run request process for policyholders, carriers, and agents. Understanding the common (and uncommon!) causes of delay or failure, our Loss Run Compliance Specialists have the knowledge and experience necessary to deliver success with every request!

Most of our requests are completed within 5 business days. Many carriers will email loss runs directly to the insured on the same day or within 24 hrs of receiving a request from the insured. If your client hasn't received their loss runs after 10 business days, our Carrier Compliance Team will review your outstanding request and recommend an appropriate escalation strategy on a case-by-case basis.

We know the rules, we follow the rules, and we enforce the rules when necessary. We've dedicated nearly 20 years to developing the most effective methods for requesting loss runs and resolving loss run compliance issues. We don't “make it easy”, we “do it right”, with our fully compliant and enforceable loss run request process which has proven effective in completing over 650,000 requests and counting!

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  • Loss Run Request Builder

    Easily prepare requests that meet compliance requirements in all states!

  • Comprehensive Carrier Database

    Direct loss run contact info for thousands of commercial carriers at your fingertips!

  • Loss Run Specialists

    Expert assistance at every stage of the request process


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Thousands of agents and hundreds of agencies trust our 15+ years of experience and service development.

A must for all insurance agencies! They provide the loss run template letter, info on where to make the request, and an automated follow-up system. I used to shuffle through hundreds of pages of policies and websites just to figure out where to send the request. I’ve come from the Dark Ages to Modern Times!

...makes the whole process of getting loss runs from previous agents/carriers so simple. We’ve won a handful of new business prospects because of their ability to track down loss runs for us. If you’re an agent, and you don’t use [Loss Run Solutions], you’re missing out.

[LRS] has been extremely helpful in getting loss runs for me. They always get back to me asap, go the extra mile and go above expectations. I highly recommend this place for achieving loss runs. They do not dilly dally in getting the job done. Double thumbs up!

was having extraordinary issues finding the correct broker for a large Hab account. The producer left the carrier and took all his accounts with him. All I had was a dec page with the name of the habitational program, an effective date that was over a year old and a partial policy number. Within 5 days I had loss runs in hand, saving 15% in schedule credits. [LRS] exceeded my expectations!